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A must to combine with every single facial treatment!

Skinlight is a device to administer facial treatments that combines multiple techniques such as vacuum drainage, dermabrasion with diamond tips, electroporation, phototherapy and cryotherapy to treat most skin concerns including wrinkles, pigment changes, loose skin, dull and dehydrated skin.

  • Vacuum
    The gentle suction movements activate blood flow, loosens excess sebum in the pores and drains excess fluid from surrounding tissues.  Excellent for toning and firming skin, refining pores and increasing blood circulation to the area.
  • Diamond Dermabrasion
    An intense facial exfoliation, activates cell renewal whilst resurfacing the skin.  Excellent for pigmentation and scarring, facial rejuvenation and dull skin. It is recommended that Dermabrasion be included in your facial treatments at least every second month.
  • Electroporation Gel Mask
    An electroporation current enables the ingredients to penetrate to the deepest skin layers.  Also known as no-needles mesotherapy this treatment provides optimum skin moisturisation.  This microstimulation of the skin produces Anti-ageing effects in just a few sessions.
  • Photoelectroporation with LED
    A combination of the Hydrocare gel mask and red LED light to stimulate the energy of the skin cells increasing collagen and elastin and instantly hydrating the skin.
  • Cryotherapy Firming
    A quick instant firming and lifting effect for those special occasions.