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Copperleaf Spa skin treatments find the perfect balance between a relaxing escape and making your skin healthy for that immediate “healthy glow” look. 

Treatment ItemDurationPrice

Teen Clean

45 min R 240
A fantastic express treatment that will be tailored to your specific needs.  This is a great booster treatment or mini treat to add with other treatments and will rejuvenate, revitalize and refresh the skin.
Classic Facial Treatment 60 min        R 490

Copperleaf Spa offers an introductory facial treatment to meet your specific skincare needs. The skincare professional will analyze your skin and choose the correct products for you. 
Deluxe Facial 90 min      R 650      

Include an eye treatment & specialized mask.

Specialized Rejuvenating Facial 90 min R 700
Includes Diamond Peel and Vacuum option between Mesotherapy and Photo electroporation Gel Mask.
Skin Renewal Peeling Facial 30/60 min


 An AHA peel combining glycolic and lactic acid to lift dull, dead skin cells and increase cell renewal.

An Intense Skin Resurfacing Treatment 60 min  R 900 

Sunfilm gel SPF30 included.

Sensational Facial 90 min R 630
Includes back massage, double exfoliation, hand treatment & Diamond peel or Cryotherapy firming.    
Absolute Pure Deep Cleanse Facial  75 min R 490
A deep cleansing facial treatment for blemished or problematic skin types, this purifying treatment cleanses the skin while effectively reducing blemishes.
Advance Anti-Aging 90 min R 590

Premature or Aging skins.

 These treatments are done during a facial and no extra time is added to your treatment:

Facial Enhancers
Lash Tint                                                        R45
Brow Tint R45
Lash & Brow Tint R80 
Lip / Brow Wax   R45
Eyes Like Diamond R220
Diamond Peel & Vacuum on face or décolleté (Pore refining & Radiance) 30 min       R320
Cryotherapy firming (Instant Firming & Lifting) 15 min R300
Photo electroporation Gel Mask & LED (Antioxidant, Deep moisturising) 30 min R640
Mesotherapy (Advanced Anti-aging) 4 x 15 min R1700

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