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Procurement FAQs

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A: Yes, this is scheduled for 11 May 2021.

A: No, you hand in your tender at the Golf Club Reception and ensure that you have entered your tender in the tender register provided.

A: The Copperleaf Security Tender Evaluation Committee will make recommendations to the Board of Copperleaf. The latter will have the final decision.

A: The time frame is set in the schedule provided on the website. Bidders must express all risks if they cannot make this time frame in any of the bids.

A: Yes. There are three processes (RFP’s). Bidders provide a separate bid for each process. If you are participating in all three bids you would have been provided with three bid numbers.

A: Yes, the project schedule must be clear on the phases of your project and who will be responsible for implementation as well as target dates.

A: Yes, you start and complete to the schedule you submit.

A: Yes, that will be agreed in the commercial agreement with Copperleaf prior to work commencing.

A: 24 Months

A: 30 Day Accounts

A: The reception area of the HOA offices.