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John dickson golf

John Dickson Golf offers a specialised service that meets the golfer at their level.  The ability to simplify the swing and make as few adjustments as possible is what makes his service unique. 

Competitively, John has taken his experience one step further by providing a multi-media recoding of what was analysed on screen during the lesson.  A variety of competitively priced options will be offered, from individual hour lessons (R600 per hour) to the more cost conscious "Two for one" (R300 per person per hour).  All lessons include the experience of a swing analysis and the use of training aids.

John brings multiple training aids that enhance the learning process by  allowing the client to see what the coach sees, as well as, physically feeling the correct  movement.  Besides the well know video analysis, a plethora of other aids improve the client's swing plane, create an accurate grip, eliminate a slice, build swing strength, improve swing timing and tempo, correct setting of the club head, prevent bowing of wrist, align feet, improve stability and leg movement during swing, correct take away and release action, and finally eliminate "flying elbow" and "chicken wing".

The experience of the use of the training cameras and training aids are enhanced when used in an environment of a well laid out and designed indoor studio as well as all-weather awning. 

John has coached for over 16 years and has reached the PGA status of Fellow. 

Mission Statement

John Dickson Golf is to provide the best personalised, innovative, and appropriate modern golf instruction in South Africa.


In my efforts to become one of the top South African coaches I have attended a number of PGA courses and constantly review and adopt the latest local and international training techniques to improve my service.  I am known for my knowledge of  the swing and corrective  body posture.  This is passed onto my students with the help of innovative but still simple aids.  I have been recognised by the PGA and been awarded both a national and local 'PGA teacher of the year award' and reached the PGA membership status level of Fellow.

As the PGA's only  KZN's assessor for the teach ability (TAT) section of the Apprentice Programme  I have to evaluate all KZN's third year apprentices so that they may qualify to become Class A professionals.  I also provide  workshops regarding PGA's Laws, Principles, Preference Model.  The Apprentice Programme is acquired from the PGA of Great Britain and Ireland and carries a foundation degree status in the UK.

Teams/Professionals Coached

  • Professionals currently coaching:
  • Louis De Jager (Challenge Tour and Sunshine tour)
    • Trevor fisher Jnr (European tour and Sunshine Tour)
    • Tyrone Mordt (Sunshine Tour)
    • Adilson Da Silva (Asian / Sunshine Tour)
    • Bradford Vaughn.( Sunshine Tour)
    • Desvonde Botes (Sunshine Tour)
    • Alex Haindl (Sunshine Tour))
    • Bryce Easton (Sunshine and Asian Tour)
    • Andrew Curlewis (Sunshine Tour)
    • Maritz Wessels ( Sunshine Tour)
    • KZN Development Coaches 2009/2010 and requested for 2012,
    • KZN junior inter-provisional side 2011/ 2009 and ad hoc years before then,
    • An Allenby student curriculum 1 year course: golf practical 2003 - 2005,
    • Zambian Zone 6 team 1999.


  • Bachelor of Science, (1992), Winthrop University, USA.
  • PGA of South Africa member: status of Fellow.


  • South African Teacher of the Year 2006/2007.
  • KZN Teacher of the Year 2011.
  • South African Teacher of the year 2012


John Dickson Golf Packages at The Els Club

Adult 1 hour

R 600.00

Adult half an hour

R 400.00

Two adults for 1 hour
R 750.00
Junior 1 hour R 500.00
Junior half an hour R 300.00

Operating Hours:

Lesson times are Monday to Saturday 07:00 till 18:00



John Dickson

082 990 7201


 *The Golf Academy Packages offered by The Els Club at Copperleaf can be tailored to suit your needs - Terms and conditions apply.