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the els club GolfING Information

Golf Day Booking Details:

Golf Course Info:

Local Rules:

  1. Tee Marker - Men: White Tees - Ladies: Red Tees
  2. RED stakes demarcate LATERAL WATER HAZARDS.
  3. YELLOW stakes demarcate WATER HAZARDS.
  4. Relief may be taken from all trees marked with a white tag or are under two club lengths in height. Nearest point no nearer the hole within one club length.
  5. All cart paths are immovable obstructions.  Relief may be taken at the nearest point not nearer the hole within one club length.
  6. Placing is permitted on all closely mown areas, within one club length not nearer the hole.
  7. Embedded ball rules applies through the green (except in hazards).
  8. All areas marked with white paint to be treated as G.U.R as well as tree bowls.

Copperleaf Dress Code

Dress regulations at Copperleaf Golf & Country Estate:

  • No Jeans or long shorts/short longs
  • Trousers and shorts with zips – no draw string pants.
  • Recognized golf shirts with collars only (To be tucked in at all times)

Ladies & Gents, this is a golf course, let’s dress and behave like golfers!

Dress regulations in the clubhouse are smart casual.

Please note that children are required to be neatly dressed and under control of an adult whilst making use of the Clubhouse facilities.

No children under the age of 18 years are permitted in the Bar/Lounge area, they are welcome in our Copperleaf Café.

Terms & Conditions

All Prices stipulated are subject to change without notice and an annual increase is to be expected in Golf bookings/Memberships