The Els Club, Copperleaf custom Fitting centre

27 November 2015
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Copperleaf Custom Fitting Center

Here at Copperleaf we make it a point to have everything that our residents may need. And since we are a golfing community, then we are also here to help in whatever golf related needs you may have. And to make absolutely sure that one is never disappointed we have the best around in terms of golfing knowledge, equipment and coaching staff. Ladies and gentlemen, we offer you The Els Club, Copperleaf custom fitting centre.

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If there is anyone who knows a thing or two about golf in South Africa, it would have to be John Dickson. This PGA professional has a wealth of experience in the golfing world and has been the pioneer golfing instructor in South Africa. Being able help adjust your golf swing is just one of the many skills that he can teach any golfer at any handicap. With Rudy Mertz at the custom fitting centre at Copperleaf, the road to a more comfortable swing and custom golfing set will be an enjoyable one.

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The custom fitment centre offers an array of golfing equipment to simplify and personalise your game and your weapons of choice on the golfing greens. It also houses some of the latest technology in club fitment and repairs which are bound to leave you satisfied should your favourite equipment need a quick patch-up. The selection made available of different shafts and club heads will also accommodate any player regardless of their stature, strength of height.

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The array of different lengths and flexes will also contribute to the exact kind of golf clubs that you seek. Since every golfer has a preference to how their grip should feel, the custom fitment centre also has a griping station to make your club grip more unique. On top of that, once it is done, you can use it to go play immediately. No longer do you need to wait for three hours or more to get going after a grip fitment.

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With all this made at your fingertips, there is no reason not to come and get your personal fittings done at our centre. There is also the golf shop that will assist in creating your own distinctive look once all your equipment has been sorted out. Housing some of the leading golfing brands around with golfing accessories and gadgets galore, you will be spoiled for choice at our store.