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  • Investing in property at Copperleaf

    Buying estate property is a sure fire way to watch your money grow, create a fool proof retirement plan, grow tax free and laugh, all the way to the bank. As entrepreneurs find success with their primary business ventures, many search for the proper investments for their profits. In order to be successful you need to work smart, not hard. Investing in estate property is smart. There are no 2 ways about it and if you need convincing here are some reasons why you should be investing your money in lifestyle estate property. Buying property that you can rent out is…

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  • The tools for happiness (Facilities at Copperleaf)

    The facilities at Copperleaf Lifestyle estate in Centurion provide a great platform for you to achieve balance and happiness in your day to day life. There is a saying that goes ‘Be grateful for the little things for  they are, in fact, the BIG things’. Truer words have never been spoken but how paradoxical is it that we don’t do a lot of those things just because humans have become beings of convenience and the easiest things have become the hardest to do. Just going for a walk, playing a round of golf, taking the time to look after not…

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