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5 Healthy Reasons To Treat Yourself To A Spa Day This Month

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Discover why you should treat yourself with day of relaxation and pure bliss. That’s right: a spa day!

Here are five healthy reasons you should treat yourself to a spa day:

1. Downtime is uplifting.

There’s nothing like a facial treatment or body massage to ease fatigue, deepen relaxation and shift your energy to a place of beauty and well-being. The simple act of taking an hour or two to unwind releases stress so you feel better and look younger.

2. Boost your mood.

The frantic pace of our world today can make any woman feel down, which can manifest not only in the way you look but also in the way you interact with others. A massage will help increase your brain’s dopamine and serotonin levels, which will make you feel good. Of course, any spa facial or other beauty treatment is a bonus! When you feel beautiful, you feel good about yourself.

3. The time to invest in your skin’s beauty is now!

Starting a spa routine when you’re young is an investment that will pay off now and in decades to come. While it may feel like an indulgence, regular treatments will help keep your skin supple, reduce inflammations and deter wrinkles. Combining good skin care habits with a healthy diet, exercise, yoga and meditation will accomplish wonders for your skin and self-confidence — all valuable components to your wellness practice.

4. Go on a girlfriend getaway with your mother, sister, daughter or best friends.

A spa day may be the best way to reconnect with the important women in your life. Getting relaxing treatments, having a message or just chatting while you get pampered together will certainly enhance your relationship and bring you closer to each other.

5. Take time off from work.

When you are burned out at work, you become less efficient and less productive. Your batteries need recharging. Escape to a destination spa and you will surely feel re-energized and in a better state of mind to tackle the challenges at work when you return.


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